Electric Vehicle Management

Veicoli is the first Italian fleet management solution compatible with electric vehicles. Discover the potential of an operational solution on mixed thermal-electric fleets.

Together we evaluate the correct composition of your fleet.


Electric fleet management and thermal fleet management have many points in common but are at the same time different. If on the one hand it is necessary to continue to monitor all the values ​​and metrics of the thermal fleet, for that of EV it is necessary to monitor the new parameters. Vehicles, provides a platform in which it is possible to monitor electric vehicles and conventional means together.

The advantages of being able to operate with a mixed fleet on a single platform are the following:

  • Optimization of electric flow by measuring fuel efficiency
  • Report on top-up activities
  • Use real-time information to make decisions about your fleet
  • EV diagnostics

The Veicoli platform can help in many ways to optimize the reach of your electric fleet. The first way is through monitoring of kilowatt-hours per km (kWh per km), or alternatively, fuel efficiency of your electric vehicles. This allows you to compare the efficiency of each vehicle and help regulate operational behavior to increase efficiency. Other monitored aspects refer to the correct driving of the vehicles. Dedicated reports will help you understand how EV means should be used to optimize range travel.

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