Mobile app integrated with the service

App for vehicles reservation

With this mobile app available on both Android and iOs platforms, you can organize and schedule usage and booking of company vehicles. Your employees can book a vehicle directly from an app installed on their device and indicate the expected usage times. This synchronized system with GPS board controllers also allows double control over who booked a vehicle and the actual user. An historical on the web account will automatically detect usage anomalies.


The Operator App is an operational tool for taking charge of the vehicle and inspecting visible damage. The operator during the use, which will be sanctioned by a communication through this app, may report the circumstance in which the vehicle has suffered damage by indicating already in a first analysis of the specifications. Once completed the working day, the driver can report the end and indicate the place of the deposit. The automatic system will take the time and credentials of the subject.

  • Taking charge of the vehicle;

  • Reporting damage;

  • Reporting damage during charging;

  • End of use.

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