With data logger you can monitoring temperature on your vehicles in real time

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Our temperature monitoring solution uses probes integrated with onboard GPS devices and reports temperature values in real time, ensuring optimal control. This monitoring is of fundamental importance for the maintenance of the cold chain. Guarantees both the maintenance of the temperature of the sensitive goods transported and the delivered in correct conditions.

posizione gps


A further advantage deriving from the use of temperature probes consists in sending real time Alerts relating to the Out of Temperature condition, exceeding the lower or upper limit of the temperature set for transport.
These notifications allow you to identify immediately (temperature, date, time and place of the event) and to resolve any anomalies in order to take action before it is too late.


  • Temperature control in real time;
  • Alert by e-mail when the temperature value goes out of range;
  • Real-time tracking of the vehicle;
  • Report of the activities carried out by the vehicle with temperature values.
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