Surfsight AI-12

The use of advanced telematic video technology is one of the best choices a fleet manager can make to protect their fleet. The right video solution can provide valuable information to protect your vehicles without wasting time and effort.

Quickly initiate security measures by choosing a smart solution that is easy to integrate and use. Discover the solution to easily improve fleet safety management and performance: the Surfsight AI-12 dashcam.

dashcam surfsight AI-12


  • Leading technology that helps prevent avoidable accidents
  • Videos captured in the cab and on the street side help with training and disclaimer
  • Quality and flexibility help maximize ROI and adapt to industrial change

A device built by industry for industry, the AI-12 was designed to reduce the pain points of fleet managers around the world.

This device is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that collects and processes data to analyze what is happening on the road and inside the vehicle.

Designed with robust MV + AI technology, this innovative device is the first step towards advanced risk detection and is capable of detecting more than traditional telematics technology.

The Lytx® Surfsight dashcam provides award-winning technology and an innovative approach that has helped hundreds of thousands of drivers travel billions of miles safely for over 20 years.

Intelligent video

Fleet managers are often very busy and need an easy-to-use solution to obtain detailed and accurate data that will allow them to help improve safety and increase efficiency. The Surfsight A1-12 dashcam uses vision and artificial intelligence (MV + AI) to inform drivers of risky behavior in real time, to protect them and provide behavioral awareness that allows them to develop safer driving habits.

Managers are provided with a comprehensive view of their fleet and insights to support driver training, customer service and overall productivity. This intelligent, dual-touch approach has a significant impact on fleets.

dashcam surfsight AI-12

Advanced technology

MV + AI technology alerts drivers to distracted driving behaviors in real time, helping them to adopt better driving habits

Video proofs in an instant

The dual-sided cameras offer accurate footage to get
the complete picture of an event, moving or parked

It grows with any fleet

Designed inside and out to be configurable and scalable to meet the needs of today’s and future fleets

dashcam surfsight AI-12

Made easy

Although Surfsight AI-12 is powered by cutting-edge technology, it is extremely intuitive to use. Using our WEB platform, it will be very easy to install, configure and retrieve valuable data on driver safety and travel. The AI-12 integrates seamlessly with other platforms and software via its advanced APIs.

Quick Installation

Our intuitive configuration and interface will get you up and running in no time

Accessible from anywhere

No special application or software is needed, as our dashcam is totally autonomous

Accessible from anywhere

No special application or software is needed, as our dashcam is totally autonomous

Smart and simple

AI-12 Surfsight’s MV + AI technology has grown and developed by drawing on the largest database of its kind, managing to provide accurate data on driver behavior to reduce distractions. The powerful combination of real-time driver alerts and AI learning makes it easy for drivers to improve their performance and develop safer driving habits. Fewer accidents and risky driving behaviors simplify operations for fleet managers.

Surfsight AI-12 is an affordable and easy-to-use dashcam with advanced technology that can be implemented in any existing fleet.

dashcam surfsight AI-12

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