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VEICOLI is your Vehicle Relationship Management Solution

Veicoli is the fleet management information system that allows you to program and analyze vehicle maintenance, management and monitoring activities. The software enables you to detect in realm time activities, fleet expenses and detect the areas of saving, ensuring administrative order and process visibility.

fleet management

Temperature monitoring

Is your business a temperature-controlled transport?
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monitoraggio temperatura

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Gestione scadenze
Gestione costi
Gestione in cloud
Gestione in cloud

Maintenance scheduling

Expiries management

GPS tracking

Cloud management

Automatic alarms on scheduled maintenances. GPS device synchronization for mileage updating.

All deadlines are associated with an automated email alert for those using the web version and with push notification for those who use the app.

With installed GPS device, you can see in real time the exact location of your vehicles.

Find out the benefits of the cloud. Access your data from any device and discover the advantages of multi-platform synchronized management

GPS tracking
of your fleet

Track your vehicles in real time
Thanks to the GPS hardware; Record
journeys and routes and analyze irregularities.

Registered users
Registered Vehicles
Recorded expenses
New users per month

Service details

  • Historical and expiry reminder for insurance, car tax and inspection;

  • Administrative and maintenance deadlines, licenses and documents management;

  • Scheduling maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary;

  • car services management, with reminder and services done;

  • Digitizing documents, invoices and receipts;

  • Fines management and penalties payments;

  • Fuel expenses registration;

  • Multi-user for drivers;

  • Multi-utenza per gli autisti;

  • Real Time Drivers Management

More than 450 companies have already chosen VEICOLI

for their fleet management